Independent Living Skills

Sunshine Resources works with students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to ensure they receive education in life skills during school that will make transitioning into the next phase of life go smoothly. It is specifically designed to help young people with special needs live a fulfilling and purposeful life true to their dreams.

Participants enroll in classes that focus on daily tasks that will assist with developing independence. This ranges from cooking classes, grocery shopping, budgeting, home maintenance and more.


We offer several classes open to all high school aged students looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Some examples are Skills to Pay the Bills, Job Explore, Computer Classes, Life Skills, Cooking Classes and more! Great options to help promote independence. Learn more about some of these programs below! 

Life Social Skills are developed through a combination of skills, knowledge, and beliefs. In this class we will help students engage in goal-directed, self-regulated, self-directed activities. There are many components of self-determination that facilitate self-directed goals for students. This class will use a curriculum that focuses on decision making, problem-solving, goal setting, self awareness, and self-advocacy, among others. Dedicating time to skills like these benefits personal development, empowerment and independence for each student.


When students participate in Independent Living programs, they have the opportunity to build relationships with the people at Sunshine Resources who are going to help them see their plan through after their school career. Sunshine Resources staff are there when students develop their life plans, celebrate their accomplishments with them like graduation and provide a community of support and service to help them reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling, joyful life.

Students are set up to easily transition from the school environment that has nurtured their development to Sunshine Resources Bright Futures program thereby decreasing disruption to routines, increasing comfort through familiar faces and gently guiding individuals to live the life they’ve dreamed of.